F9RC105 - Banded Classical V-Belt C Section (Top Width 7 7/8" Thickness 17/32" Outside Length 109")

ForcesSKU: 9RC105

Outside Length: 109"
Top Width: 7 7/8"
Thickness: 17/32"

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Details & Specifications
  • Part No: 9RC105
  • Belt Section: C
  • Top Width: 7 7/8"
  • Thickness: 17/32"
  • Outside Length: 109"
  • Number of Bands: 9
  • Wt. Per Band (Lbs.): 2.73

Banded multiple V-belts are specified by the letter "R" or a dash "/" denoting banded construction. The belt section and a number giving the Inside length in inches, followed by the letter "R" or a dash and the number of bands required. Outside length minus 4 inches equals inside length..

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