3/4" Threaded Rotary Spray Ball 360° NPT(F) - Stainless Steel 316

ForcesSKU: 31630016075

Size: 3/4"
Spray Coverage: 360°
Material(s): Stainless Steel 316


This Threaded Rotary Spray Ball offers 360° coverage for thorough cleaning, made with high-grade stainless steel 316 for durability and corrosion resistance. The threaded connection provides secure installation for reliable performance. 

Product Details : 3/4" Threaded Rotary Spray Ball 360° NPT(F) - Stainless Steel 316

  • Part No: 31630016075
  • Product Category: Cleaning Ball
  • Type: Threaded Rotary Spray Ball 360°
  • Fixed/Rotary: Rotary
  • Size: 3/4"
  • Ball Size (IN): 2"
  • Connection Type: NPT(F)
  • Spray Coverage: 360°
  • A (IN): 2.086"
  • B (IN): 5.512"
  • Material(s): Stainless Steel 316
  • Applications: Spray balls are used in the beverage industry to simplify the interior cleaning of tanks and piping. A fermentation or brite tank can be showered with high-velocity water and/or chemicals on the interior, causing a sheeting action down the vessel walls removing residues and sanitizing the tank. CIP spray balls are not only faster, but significantly safer for workers by removing the need for hand scrubbing and exposure.

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