#60-2 Chain Half Links Carbon Steel

Forces IncSKU: PLILO0602

System of measurement: ANSI
Material: Carbon Steel
Chain No.: 60


Ideal for a range of applications, this #60-2 carbon steel chain half link offers strength and durability. Designed for simple installation, the half link makes it easy to connect two sections of a chain together securely. This makes it a great choice for adding extra security without any extra hassle.

#60-2 Chain Half Links Carbon Steel

Details & Specifications
  • Part No.: PLILO0602
  • Chain No.: 60
  • Strand: 2
  • Pitch P: 0.75"
  • Roller Dia. D: 0.469"
  • Roller Width W: 0.5"
  • Pin Dia. d: 0.234"
  • Plate Height H: 0.689"
  • Plate Thickness T: 0.094"
  • Type: Standard
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • System of Measurement: ANSI
  • Wgt. Lbs.: 0.5

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